General information

The Technology Transfer Center under M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU TTC) is a structural subdivision of MSU, consisting of specialists in the field of intellectual property management: patenting, licensing, business development, and legal issues.

The activity of MSU TTC is supervised by M. V. Lomonosov MSU Department of Innovation Policy and International Cooperation.

Our mission is to assist in promotion, development, and practical industrial application of inventions made by Moscow State University. Protection and licensing of technologies are a part of this mission, helping to transfer research results to new products for the public and to implement them in the economic development of our society.

Goals of activities of MSU TTC:

  • Assistance in innovative activity development in MSU;
  • Provision of protection of research activity results of MSU staff by means of patenting;
  • Provision of MSU inventions transfer by means of technology licensing;
  • Creation of conditions for efficient cooperation between the University and industry.

TTC promotes the process of Technology Transfer at all stages:

Detection, registration and recording of RIA created in MSU (including according to received notifications on RIA creation).
Disclosure of invention
Appointment of Commission for IP (Intellectual property). Consideration of patentability and commercial potential of disclosed RIA.
Protection of invention
Preparation (together with the author) of application documentation for getting legal protection of RIA created in MSU in Russia and aboard.
Patent for invention
Records management for these applications, receipt of titles of protection, keeping patents valid.
Marketing of technology
Promotion and implementation of MSU technologies in industrial companies, business communities, governmental organizations, authorities, etc.
License for a patent
Transaction support, development and implementation of MSU policies and procedures in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer.
Consulting the University staff and students in respect to intellectual property management, technology transfer and commercialization.
Royalty payment
Audit of royalty payments to authors of RIA based on the results of commercialization.