General information

The result of the activity of the staff of M. V. Lomonosov MSU is a huge number of inventions and discoveries of scientific and technological value. Joint work of MSU staff and Technology Transfer Center allows for implementing these breakthrough solutions in the industry.

TTC will help you:

  • To assess the commercial potential of your inventions;
  • To provide protection of inventions;
  • To provide development and commercialization of inventions for successful implementation in the industry.

Main stages of technology transfer:

  • Registers a notification on RIA (on the day of filing);
  • Initiates the Commission for IP for taking a resolution on notification on RIA;
  • TTC initiates a records management on preparation and filing of the application to Rospatent in the case of a positive resolution taken by the Commission for IP.
Author together with TTC:
  • Applications are prepared in close cooperation of authors and TCC staff.
  • Files an application to Rospatent;
  • Maintains records management before the receipt of a title of protection;
  • Performs commercialization of the invention.